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Forming Hearts and Minds. Proclaiming Jesus Christ. 

About CFIPT 

Capuchin Franciscan Insitute of Philosophy and Theology (CFIPT) prepares candidates for the Roman Catholic priesthood for the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, Epharics, various Apostolic Vicariates and Religious Congregations in the Ethiopia Catholic Church. We are a leading center of the New Evangelization forming priests, deacons and religious and lay ministers who are prepared to bring the truth of the Gospel to an increasingly secularized world.

Our Institute forms disciples who are equipped to proclaim, teach, and defend the Faith effectively; who are true shepherds of souls; who strive to live in intimate union with God; and who pursue a life of virtue as an effective bridge for the spread of the Gospel.

CFIPT students are continually challenged to high levels of accomplishment by highly credentialed faculty members who are experts in their fields. Our students receive a thoroughly Catholic education taught from a perspective of faith, not doubt. Christ is truly at the center of the classroom and throughout the corridors of CFIPT.


CFIPT opened in 1970 as a Franciscan Capuchin Friars' House of Philosophy to replace the "Studium Philosophicum" of Dekemaehare, Eritrea. Until it was made open for all Diceases, Apostolic vicariates and Religious in 1979, the House of Philosophy provided a three years Philosophy courses only for the Franciscan Capuchin candidates.

The Arch-Diocese of Addis Ababa, the Vicariate of Nekemte, the Lazarist Fathers were first to join the House of Philosophy sending their students whareby raising its stutes to a level of joint study centre. At the same time they provided the House of Philosophy with competent lecturres, which eventually resulted english to be a teaching langauge replacing Italian and a two years philosophy courses rather than three years.

As the experiment proved successful, cooperation was extended further to include a four years Theology Program in 1981. The House of Philosophy eventually became a centre of Philosophical and Theological Studies for all ecclesisatical cricumscription in ethiopia except Adigrat.


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The Capuchin Province of Ethiopia Mary Kidane Meheret”
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