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The Ethiopian Capuchin Franciscans are part of a story that goes all the way back to St. Francis of Assisi who, in 1209, having heard the call of Christ from the Cross to “Go and Rebuild my Church!”, dedicated himself and his first followers to the living of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the service of the Church through a life of brotherhood, prayer and sharing the Good News with all creation. In so doing he founded what would grow to be a huge religious family of brothers and sisters who continue to spread the Franciscan message of Peace and Joy to all people. Recognised for his holiness of life and joy filled contemplation of creation by all people, of all spiritual traditions, since then St. Francis remains the inspiration and the model for Franciscan life to this day.

Coming to Ethiopia in the late 1800’s the Capuchins have
been known as friars who have stayed with and saw the seed of the Catholic faith in Ethiopian history of Christianinty. Read more... 



“We have been called to heal wounds,
to unite what has fallen apart,
and to bring home those who have lost their way.”
                      St. Francis of Assisi 
Our life emphasizes prayer, ministry, and a life shared in community with other friars. In every dimension of Capuchin life, we build sister-brotherhood as often as and wherever we can. We build and heal relationships among ourselves, within the church, and in the world.  

The Capuchin Province of Ethiopia Mary Kidane Meheret”
የኢትዮጵያ ካፑቺን የኪዳነ ምህረት አውራጃ
P.O.BOX 633 ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA- አዲስአበባ ኢትዮጵያ
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