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Province of Ethiopia - Appointments 
After decades of devoted work and growth, on 10 February the Capuchin Friars Minor Vice-Province of Mary Kidane Meheret in Ethiopia was raised to the status of Province. The celebration took place at Gulele St. Francis Parish Church, with a Mass presided over by Cardinal Berhaneyesus D. Sourapheal, Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa, attended by Msgr. Luigi Bianco, Apostolic Nuncio to Ethiopia and Djibouti, the entire local Capuchin Franciscan friars, along with other invited religious congregations. The following brothers were elected to serve the province:
Provincial: Br. Br. Gebrewold Gebretsadik
1st Councillor: Abera Makebo
2nd Councillor: Br. Daniel Asefa
3rd Councillor: Br. Hailgabriel Meleku
4th Councillor: Br. Abera Feriju 


At the ordinary meeting held in Pretoria, South Africa by EACC Capuchin Major Superiors on 9th of May, 2018, the following brothers were elected to serve the region in their different capacities. President: Br. Paul Silas Nzomo (Custos of Keneya) Vice President: Br. Gebrewold
Gebretsadik (provincial minister of Ethiopia) Councilor: Br. Felician Kavishe (Custos of Malawi). The meeting was presided by Br. Norbert Solondrazana, General Councilor for Africa. Our best wishes and prayers to the Newly elected brothers as they take charge to serve all the brothers in EACC region.

On July 3rd, 2018, six of our brothers have been blessed to be able to celebrate 25th anniversary of their priesthood at Holy Saviour Church, Addis Ababa. We sincerely thank God for helping our brothers to remain faithful to their priesthood for the last 25 years and the gift of them for our Order. It is our prayer that the good Lord grant them all the necessary blessings to continue remain faithful to their vocation until the end. 



A workshop on Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation was organized by the Office of Iustia et Pax of the General Curia of the Capuchin Order. Br. Benedict Ayodi Secretary of JPIC, organized the workshop at continental level for Capuchins of EACC and CONCAO regions in Africa. The workshop took place at Franciscan Family Association Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, from 2-8 July 2018. The theme of the workshop was “Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation as a way of life and mission for Capuchins”. It is part of our DNA as Franciscans. The participants came from twenty two African countries and the Damietta Peace Initiative members attended the workshop, which included some Muslim religious followers. Our Province was represented by Br. HaileGabriel Meleku.


EACC and CONCAO—executive board meeting - Nairobi

Executive board members of Capuchin major Superiors met in Nairobi from 4th July to 8th, 2018. The meeting was aimed at preparing ourselves to unanimously stand for the cause of Order, generally, and that of Africa, particularly, in the forthcoming General chapter. Both the Major Superiors of EACC and CONCAO have agreed to have two General Councilors for Africa. The reasons behind are: presently the Capuchin Provinces, Custodies, and presences in Africa amount 30 countries; infrastructures to make visitation to different fraternities are still poor; the number of finally professed brothers are continuously increasing. Hence for one General Councilor is not practical to make visitation to all the circumscriptions in six years of the term of his office.Mobirise helps you cut down development time by providing you with a flexible website editor with a drag and drop interface. 


Celebration of General Chapter of the Order (26th August-16th September)

From August 27 to September 16, 2018 our Order will celebrate the 85th General Chapter in order to elect a new General Minister and Council. The Chapter will be held in Rome at our International College ‘San Lorenzo da Brindisi.’ 188 capitulars will take part, representing all the circumscriptions of the Order. Along with the capitulars, there will also be forty-eight officials and other friars assisting in various ways.

The calendar of the Chapter work foresees various reports for the first week, in particular that of the outgoing General Minister, Br. Mauro Jöhri, which will cover the current state of the Order. There will also be the report of the General Bursar on the economic situation. The election of the General Minister is scheduled for September 3. Following this will be reflection and discussion of the Ratio formationis, and then the elections for the General Councilors.

Also scheduled is the traditional pilgrimage of the capitulars to Assisi (September 8) and an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican (September 14).

Already on Saturday, August 25 the capitulars were beginning to arrive little by little from all over the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, and Oceania. The rest will arrive on Sunday the 26. Right away they will have a chance to get familiar with the Chapter ‘technology’, which is particularly demanding this time. In fact, each capitular will be working with a tablet on which they will be able to read the documents in all of the Chapter languages, participate in the liturgies, and vote.

Everyone can follow the Chapter events with videos, photo galleries, and news on the website of the Chapter or through the ‘OFMCap App’ on Android, Apple iOS and Windows.

The Communications Office will be following the work of the Chapter step by step with informative texts, photos, and video.


The Capuchin Province of Ethiopia Mary Kidane Meheret”
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