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Where We Are

Capuchin friars minister in a wide variety of settings. Service to people of a variety of cultures in Ethiopia and around the globe have allowed us to witness to God at work in countless ways. The Capuchin Province of "Mary Kidane Meherat" serves through variety of institutions dedicated to the service of real human needs and the proclamation of God's love.

In Ethiopia, we serve in eight church jurisdictions (three Eastern rite Eparchies and five Latin Rite dioceses) in 20 community houses. Besides the focus on evangelization, we run the only philosiophy and theological training institute for the whole country to perpare the future ministries of the Gospel. 


We also run five highly respected Catholic secondary schools in Baher Dar-Dessie Eparchy and in Soddo vicariate, along with the Abune Andreas Girls’ Home in Dire Dawa. We also run many junior and primary schools; a boarding facility for boys in Dessie; and we also support a university chaplaincy programs.

One of the secondary schools — Abba Pascal Catholic Girls’ School (named after Father Pascal, a French Capuchin missionary) in southern Ethiopia in Soddo vicariate — was established for educating rural girls. Most of these services were initially located in the most remote parts of the country.  


The Capuchin Province of Ethiopia Mary Kidane Meheret”
የኢትዮጵያ ካፑቺን የኪዳነ ምህረት አውራጃ
P.O.BOX 633 ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA- አዲስአበባ ኢትዮጵያ
Tel. +251-11-5536890(5512953)- Fax +251-11-5519800
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