1st Day 

Addis Ababa (St. Francis Friary), January 25, 2021. The days of the Provincial Chapter have finally come! The 103 capitulars, have arrived to witness the opening of the First Elective Chapter of the Capuchin province of Ethiopia. Today, Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 8:20a.m., all the brothers filled the ample and beautiful space of the Auditorium of Capuchin Franciscan Institute of Philosophy and Theology. Br. Roberto Genuin,  General Minister, officially declared that the Chapter is opened which led the capitulars to proceed the Agenda of the Chapter.

Archbishop Antoine Camiller's address was the first agenda of the day. His eminence expressed his joy to be able to participate in the Chapter which he said his first ever experience to attend the chapter.  Then he followed with his key address of the day "Fratteli Tutti". His eminence summarized the the message we get from Fratteli tutti: we are all brothers and sisters. The encyclical is basically the continuation of a message we obtain from Laudato Si. Laudato si was basically taken from St. Francis – the saint of Ecology, Humility and environment. Thus the fact that we are all brothers and sisters needs to be acknowledged through

  • Respecting each other,

  • Loving each other and

  • We need to work together.

Thus his eminence concluded by saying that this Chapter is very important on these aspects, without love, hope and respect we cannot excel, he at last urged us to put more energy in intensify the eminence work Capuchins have already carrying out through out the country.

Aster the key speaker of the day the next schedule was listing the Provincial Minister’s report, which aims to outline for the brother capitulars the current state of the Order. He highlighted some of the most important events took place in the Trenium. His report also touched on many other points, such as the administration and animation of the province, fraternal life, prayer life, projects, formation, and finally the journey with the  the Franciscan Family.

The morning session of the Chapter was concluded with the escharotic celebration, led by General Minister. 


At 2:30 the capitulars again assembled in the  Auditorium to begin the afternoon session. Frist half of the session was taken by listing the economic report which followed by panel discussion. Many questions raised from the reports the various reports which have already discussed by the zonal meetings. Finally the day was concluded with straw ballot at 6:45pm.

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