2nd Day 

Addis Ababa (St. Francis Friary), January 27, 2021. It has been already the 2nd day of Chapter! The agenda of the day was begin brothers being assembled at the Auditorum where the moderator of the day, Br. Tilaye Almeshet invited the capitulars to begin the day with an opening prayer. All the capitulars sung the opening prayer. A moment of silence has observed to remember all the deceased brothers in the las Trenium. 


The first agenda of the day was the election of the provincial minister and his councilors. The election process was begin counting the capitulars. They were 97. The ballot paper was distributed to each of the capitulars for the election of the provincial minister. Within the first round of the ballot Br. Gebrewol Gebrezadik has elected as the provincial minister of the province of Mary Kidane Mihirate. The election of the provincial minister followed by the election two councilors: Br. Abera Makebo (1st councilor) ane Br. Tolaye Alemshet (2nd councilor). Immediately  after their election the chapter took break for the Eucharistic celebration which is to be followed by the lunch.  

The celebration of the Eucharist began at noon. The Cardinal, flanked by Abune Musie Ghebreghiorghis, Abune Woldetinsaa Woldeghiorighis, Abune Angelo Pagano and Br. Angelo Antollini began the solemn event. In his homily the cardinal recounted the glorious history of capuchin mission in Ethiopia beginning from Cardinal Guglielmo Massaja (1846-1880) up to the recent time. He urged all the capitulars to write the same history of being an agent of the evalgelization in todays socity of Ethioia. 




After Mass, the Cardinal and our capuchin brother bishops stayed for lunch with the capitulars.

At 2:30pm the capitulars reassembled for the afternoon session. The election of the remaining two councilors begun after the role call. Br. Dejene Hidotto and Br. Worku Yohannes have elected as 3rd and 4th councilors respectively. Among 4 councilors Br. Abera Makebo has elected as vicar provincial.


The work of the day concluded with few remarks from the General Minister. He congratulated the capitulars for the decency the capitulars exhibited during the election. He said that "he has witnessed maturity and growth" in the way the election was conducted. Particularly he was happy to see that the previous council members reelected to hold the office which they have experienced last three years. This will help the office bearers to continue their unfinished priorities which in its part will enhance the growth of the province. Finally, he delivered very powerful message to all the brothers of the province in which he urged all the brothers of the province to stay away from group thinking on the bases of once tribe or country of origin. He  also gave an assignment for the new council to work hard to produce a statutes for the new province.

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