An on-going formation workshop


An on-going formation workshop of Capuchin Brothers of Mary Kidanemeheret Province was held from October 5-9, 2020 in Addis Ababa, Capuchin retreat and re-search center. There were about 25 participants from Addis Ababa, mid-west central and northern regions of Capuchin province. The Theme for the workshop was “Capuchin Mission and evangelization in the Ethiopian Catholic Church Today”. Under this theme various topics were dealt with by different facilitators. The same workshop also conducted from October 12-19, 2020 in Dubbo, Capuchin Friary  for the brothers of southern region of the province.


Here below the presentations during the workshop. If you would like the copy of presentation please live your email in our contact form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

1. The Word of God in the life Church in general and in the life of a priest in particular, by rev. Abba Misrak Tiyu.

2. Pastoral Project and Reporting, by Abba Worku Demeke

3. How to incorporate our Franciscan values in our pastoral activities, by Abba Mathewos Ajabo.

4. Presence and the current pastoral activities of the Capuchin Friars in Ethiopia by Abba Gebreworld G/tsadiq, Provincial Minister,

5. The Capuchin Missionary Strategy in Ethiopia in the Past (Abba Antonios Alberto)

6. The Effects of Ad Gentes in the Ethiopian Catholic Church Today, by Rev. Abba Gabriel W/Hanna, Deputy Secretary of ECS

7. Effective Methods of Preaching and Evangelization by Dr. Abba Gebremeskel Shikur

8. Youth Ministry and The Role of the Laity in Evangelization in the Ethiopian Catholic Church by Fr . Samuel SDB

9. Child pr otection guidelines in the Catholic Church (Abba Matewos Ajabo OFM Cap)

10. Effective Pastoral Strategies for the Ethiopian Catholic Church by Dr. Girma Tadesse

10. The Current pastoral activities of the Capuchin Fathers in Ethiopia from the laity‘s perspective (by Dr Girma Tadesse and others)


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