Especial Thanksgiving end the Golden Jubilee

The year-long golden jubilee celebrations of the foundation of St. Francis’ Friary and Parish has come to a close with a closing ceremony scheduled for the Solemnity of our Seraphic father, St. Francis of Assisi, October 4, 2020. His Eminence Cardinal Berhaneyesus Catholic Archbishop of Ethiopia and President of the Ethiopian Catholic Bishops’ Conference opened the year of the Golden jubilee last year on the annual feast day of St. Francis.


The celebrations which were attended by his eminence Cardinal Brahane Yesus D. Surafel and by other three bishops; his excellency Monsignor Antoine Camilleri, his excellency Abune Mussie Gebreghiorghis and his excellency Abune Woldetensea Ghebreghiorghis, took place in the parish church of St. Francis on the morning of Sunday, October 4, 2020. A good number of Capuchin brothers, religious men and women, and the faithful of St. Francis’ and surrounding parishes were also attended the celebration.  

In his address, His Eminence Cardinal Brahane Yesus D. Surafel, thanked Capuchin brothers for the wonderful work they have been doing since the foundation of the Friary. He also expressed his appreciation for the various services Capuchin friars are offering here in St. Francis and throughout the country.

During this celebration, the Cardinal ordained to deaconate two of our Brothers, br. Nighuse Cholle and br. Abiyot Kibrate. The final profession of our two brothers, br. Adane Heramo and br. Alazar Wondimu has also taken place during the celebration. Finally, the Cardinal blessed the Prayer Garden and Grotto dedicated to the St. Francis which was built to mark the golden anniversary. The Golden Jubilee Festivities and Closing Ceremony concluded with Eucharistic Blessing which the Cardinal imparted from the new prayer garden. The celebration was become an opportunity to give thanks to the Lord for this golden jubilee of the Friary and Parish. May the Lord, through the intercession of Our Seraphic Father, St. Francis, support and bless the efforts of the Capuchin Brothers, here at St. Francis and throughout the world.

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