Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the   Missionary presence of Marche Capuchin province in Wolaita

The celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the missionary presence of Marche Capuchin Province in Wolaita has filled us with an immense tenderness, gratitude and joy.  We gathered together all at Konto Capuchin Friary - the emblem of Marche Capuchin mission - from our various communities with some of our Capuchin brothers from Marche province who gave their life in this mission. The celebration which was begun with thanks giving Mass held in the friary Church of Loreto Mariam on 26th October 2019, where our first missionaries had begun their service, officially concluded on 27th October 2019. We were together as brothers with an international heart, along with our friends, associates, benefactors, the elder children of missionaries; and the people of God who have walked with us on this journey since 1969.


Looking anew with faith and hope we were aware that we are part of this story that our first missionary brothers began. We recalled each of the missionaries with a spirit of profound gratitude for the way God was present in our lives each day as we were present to the needs of the people of Wolaita. As we celebrated these 50 years we felt a deep gratitude and love for each of our first missionaries who have planted the seeds of Gospel in the land of Wolaita. We Were all united as one Family of God. We are one we are love.

Talks and Presentations

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